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Apps for Sales: B2B eCommerce Apps to Improve Your Business

Imagine you’ve spent all day qualifying leads, and you’re ready to meet with a client in person. The meeting starts, but you can’t get your laptop to work, and you lose the sale.

If you had the best apps for sales, you could have left your laptop behind. Your phone or tablet would have everything you need to do your job.

Read on to learn about some sales apps to try.


One of the best apps for sales is OrderTaker. The app lets you add products and sell them online and on the go, so you can increase sales without having to be at your desk.

It also lets you do direct store delivery (DSD), making things easier for your customers. Using OrderTaker can be an excellent way to help improve your business.

You can use it for route accounting for DSD, proof of delivery, and as a mobile CRM. Mobile order taking and trade promotion campaigns also work well in the app.

Plus, it offers features for B2B eCommerce to help you run your business from anywhere. OrderTaker lets you perform sales automation and critical order-taking activities with or without an internet connection.


A lot of sales teams use Salesforce to track their sales and leads. If your team uses the software, you can download the mobile app to access your account on your phone.

The app is helpful if you work in sales on the go because you don’t have to bring a laptop with you. However, you can open a client’s profile and get more details about them right before you meet with them.

If you use a different program for tracking sales, see if it has a mobile app. You can then download the right app for your needs to prepare for any sale you want to make.

Having an app that just handles leads can be an essential part of your sales team’s success. While you’ll also need apps for other tasks, consider using Salesforce in your business.


You can use Apruve to offer credit options to your customers without running a credit check. That allows you to process orders and financing requests more quickly.

The app offers custom payment terms, digital payments and invoicing, and automated credit approvals. You’ll be able to receive your money within 24 hours of the customer placing an order.

It works well with other eCommerce programs to streamline your business operations. Whether you work with clients in person, online, or both, give it a try.

Apruve will help lower the risk of financing orders so that you can offer more options to your clients. You may find you get more orders when people can finance their purchases.


BigCommerce is useful for B2B eCommerce thanks to its many features and low cost. It also offers APIs that are flexible enough to meet the needs of various businesses.

You can use it to set up a store and add products to your online shop. The app lets you set custom shipping rates for different buyers, and it can sync data with other platforms.

Payment methods are flexible, and it has a quote management feature. You can approve purchase orders and set custom bulk pricing for specific customers.

If you want to take your business into the field, there’s an option for mobile eCommerce. That way, you don’t have to send people to your website to buy.


Another one of the best apps for sales is Nuorder, and it’s perfect for wholesale businesses. You can use it as a retailer to browse products and make good purchase choices.

However, it also offers a two-way marketplace where businesses can engage with retailers. That way, retailers can find the best products to sell in stores, and sellers can get more orders.

The interface is interactive and easy to use to find products quickly. As a merchant, you can build brand awareness and improve your sales workflow.

Whether you want to use the program on a computer or mobile device, it can work well. Then, you’ll be able to build your business with the right products.


Magento is another one of the best sales apps for eCommerce businesses. You can use it to create customer groups and offer discounts or coupon codes.

It comes with a shopping cart system so that you can run your entire online store with it. Plus, the app helps with SEO and inventory management so that you can get more visibility and avoid running out of products.

You can integrate it with B2B eCommerce and other business platforms. If you sell to other businesses, you can create accounts, and customers can upload the SKUs they want to order.

The backend is easy to customize to meet your needs and preferences. That way, you’ll be able to make running your business less stressful.


If you’re looking for a retail execution app, try Repsly. The app gives you access to data and insights in real-time so that you can track sales performance for your field sales teams.

Sales directors can use the app for workplace reports and to analyze point-of-sale data. Your field team can collect data, collaborate, and handle orders and returns.

Features that help area managers include team scheduling and real-time coaching. Managers can also manage time and mileage reporting from sales reps.

Data is an excellent tool to help you make decisions in your business. If you’re tired of trying to collect data from a variety of apps, Repsly may be a good choice.

The Best Apps for Sales

Whether you’re a new employee or have years of experience, you should consider some of the best apps for sales. A few apps can make preparing for a sale or conducting a successful pitch meeting easier.

Be sure you give some of the apps a try, even if you’ve used them before. You may find that you can do so much on your phone that you can leave your laptop at the office.

Are you ready to use a good DSD sales app? Compare pricing for OrderTaker, and set up your account today.

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