B2B Ecommerce

Allow Your Customers To Buy From Anywhere And Anytime


  • Allow buyers to order from your self-service, branded B2B eCommerce portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere

  • Provide a customized buyer experience with the ability to browse your extended catalog, customer pricing, trade promotions, stock availability, order history and more

  • Manage an analytics dashboard of insights from both online and field-rep channels to allow you to maximize buyer behaviors, promotions and more.

  • Combine the omnichannel of both online and field-rep channels into a single platform for more efficient management and unified buyer experience

Personalised B2BEcommerce

Personalize Selling and Grow Sales

Customize product catalogs, images, prices, promotions, wish lists and more into the B2B eCommerce experience available anytime, anywhere

Optimize Omni-channel Experiences

Deliver a unified, consistent and centrally managed buyer experience, combining online web store and face-to-face selling

Eliminate Downtime With Native, Offline Apps

Order online or offline with a native Android, iOS or iPad mobile app personalized for buyers


Seamlessly Integrate with your ERP/Back-office Systems

Fast, secure cloud or on-premise Integrations with any ERP or Accounting System


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Custom Branded B2B eCommerce

Configure OrderTaker’s B2B eCommerce web store with branded elements including logos, fonts, graphics, images and more.

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Personalized for Buyers

Offers a buyer-specific experience with customized catalogs, price lists, promotions, payment options, shipping methods and much more

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Detailed Product Information

Stun buyers with beautiful high-definition catalogs, visually organized into categories and sub-categories with detailed product information, including prices, stock availability, product details, ingredients, instructions and more

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Quick Search and Filter Options

Find products quickly and easily through organized categories, sub-categories, a variety of filter options and lists, name search and more to help you grow sales

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Centralized Admin Console Configuration

All channels share the same back-end where configuration and changes can be made to products, price lists, promotions, workflow and customer information centrally

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Web and Mobile Store

Allow your buyers to access your full catalog on OrderTaker via a web store or mobile app (on iOS or Android) even without connectivity

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Collect Payments

Accept cash, credit, debit and other payments through field rep app integration with payment gateways

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Intuitive User Experience

OrderTaker is easy-to-use, simple and completely intuitive to help Wholesale buyers engage with the platform regularly and maximize your sales

Few MoreFeatures

Support Any Trade Promotion

Support all kinds of product or item trade promotions, order total-based promotions, payment type promotions, transaction type promotions, mix and match and phased package promotions and much more

Define Business Rules

Setup inventory and credit validation rules so specific order documents are limited to exceeding product inventory volumes and unable to be submitted when customer credit limits are exceeded

Supports Global Requirements

Setup and personalize OrderTaker to the local language, currency, time zone, tax rules and other options to support global implementations

Customer Specific Pricing

Define price lists, discounts and trade promotions per customer imported directly from your ERP or Accounting system or built into our back-office. Allow reps to change prices manually as needed as per the discount rules you setup

Inventory and Credit Validation

Setup inventory and credit validation rules so specific order documents are limited to exceeding product inventory volumes and unable to be submitted when customer credit limits are exceeded


Insightful Data and Analytics

OrderTaker’s analytics dashboard and reports allow real-time action-oriented insights on sales by product, customer and more to allow you to optimize buyer accounts

Seamless Integration with your ERP/Back-office Systems

Fast, secure integration with your back office/ERP system allows buyers to access just-in-time information like product info, promotions, stock availability, order history and more anytime, anywhere

Headless Commerce

Segregated front-end and back-end for your B2B eCommerce web store allows for optimized user experiences

Cloud or On-premise Support

OrderTaker runs on the AWS cloud or for on-premise solutions, allowing your data to be secure and scalable from any configuration, location and requirements

Allow your customers to buy from anywhere and anytime

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