Health & Beauty

Wholesalers and Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, B2B BeautyB2B Cosmetics and Personal care products, need an intuitive and versatile sales automation solution that can allow field reps to present beautiful product catalogs and product information to customers on the field, with or without internet connectivity.

With a plethora of features that allow reps to find, filter and search for products quickly and efficiently, OrderTaker is the best solution in the market today to help your reps service customers and maximize sales to the best of their ability.

Mobile Order Taking

  • Allow your field reps the ability to increase order size while selling smarter, faster and more effectively anytime, anywhere

  • View high-definition digital catalogs with multi-media images, videos and product details

  • Access a 360-degree view of every account, credit information and more in real-time

  • Get up-to-the-minute access to trade promotions, field rep and customer dashboards and more to help reach targets and increase day-to-day performance

TradePromotion Campaign

  • Configure trade promotions across all channels through one highly configurable interface

  • Personalize promotions for cross-sell and upsell through a range of available business rules

  • Offer bundled package promotions via the mobile app or B2B eCommerce portal uniformly

  • Eliminate expiring inventory and promote stagnant products through a range of customer appealing real-time promotions

Mobile CRM

  • 360° view of assigned customers, anytime, anywhere

  • View past and present order documents from assigned customers to maximize interactions

  • Access sales intelligence data on accounts, credit information, contacts, locations and more in real-time to help reps make informed buying decisions

  • Mobile CRM for Wholesalers accessible via a native Android, iOS or iPad app, accessible offline


  • Manage all your data, users, orders and more through a single admin module to help you optimize performance

  • OrderTaker’s analytics dashboard and reports allow real-time action-oriented insights on sales by product, customer, field rep, targets, visits, collections, returns and more to allow field reps to maximize store visits and revenues

  • Evaluate online vs. field channel sales to devise the optimal mix for your customers


  • Allow salons, clinics, department stores, and other Wholesale buyers of cosmetics, medical equipment dental supplies, and other products ordered from your self-service branded B2B eCommerce portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere.

  • Provide a customized buyer experience with the ability to browse your extended catalog, customer pricing, trade promotions, stock availability, order history and more

  • Manage an analytics dashboard of insights from both online and field-rep channels to allow you to maximize buyer behaviors, promotions and more.

  • Combine the omnichannel of both online and field-rep channels into a single platform for more efficient management and unified buyer experience

Maximize sales in the B2B Health & Beauty industry with OrderTaker

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