Inventory Management

Keep staff and management full informed of the state of your product catalog and its precise location per warehouse and bin to make it easier to pull stock for order fulfillment and calculate the cost of your stock at any given time


  • Allow staff to manage the entire state of your product catalog on the cloud anytime, anywhere with full real-time visibility of stock levels, cost and tracking information

  • Keep track of the precise location of your items across multiple warehouses in multiple global locations and within each warehouse bin location to allow easier stock fulfillment of orders

  • Use perpetual inventory control to gain keep track of the costs of your products and inventory at all times, including product margins and profit

  • Avoid stock-outs and voids with advanced reporting that can inform you when items have reached a minimum or maximum threshold to trigger a repurchase order amongst many other reporting options

  • By assigning serial and batch numbers during the product purchase process, obtain complete traceability with serial and batch number tracking that can be reported on for any date range filters

Comprehensive Back-office Inventory Management

Transparency and Visibility of Inventory

Gain real-time insights on stock levels, costs, margins, profits and serial/batch number tracking using advanced reporting to have full control over your business anytime, anywhere

Warehouse Management

Supporting multi-warehouse management capabilities across global locations, find and locate your items in bins across multiple warehouses for faster, smoother order fulfillment

Advanced Reporting

Use a plethora of reports to filter and identify stock-outs, voids, minimum and maximum inventory threshold violations, perpetual inventory control costs, margins and profits, serial/batch number tracking and much more to help you stay on top and make informed operational decisions

Tracking and Traceability

By connecting serial and batch number tracking during the product purchase process in OrderTaker’s mobile and desktop app’s, obtain complete traceability of the incoming and outgoing serial and batch numbers associated with the items getting shipped and returned so you can easily and conveniently manage risk

Value Propositions

Improve Product Availability

Avoid stock-outs and voids with strong inventory management capabilities to ensure your products are always well-stocked and moving on and off the shelves

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Anytime / Anywhere

Cloud-based access to real-time inventory levels, cost, margins, profits and more allow access to vital data anytime, anywhere allowing you to make informed decisions

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Real Time Inventory

Access real-time inventory from the mobile or desktop app at your convenience, allows knowing how much stock is available per batch/serial number

Perpetual-Cost Inventory

Use perpetual cost inventory methods to keep track of the costs, margins and profits of all your items in any global warehouse, located anywhere so you’re always aware of your current cost exposure

Online/Offline Mode

Stop worrying about connectivity issues as OrderTaker’s native, B2B mobile ordering app for Wholesalers works even when offline, allowing real-time inventory accessibility, anytime, anywhere

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Serial/Batch Tracking

Connecting mobile and desktop ordering with serial/batch tracking allows an unprecedented ability to manage inventory levels and risk across the Enterprise

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Intuitive User Experience

OrderTaker is easy-to-use, simple and completely intuitive to help Wholesale staff engage with the platform regularly and maximize your sales and manage costs


Support Any Trade Promotion

Support all kinds of product or item trade promotions, order total-based promotions, payment type promotions, transaction type promotions, mix and match and phased package promotions and much more

Define Business Rules

Setup inventory and credit validation rules so specific order documents are limited to exceeding product inventory volumes and unable to be submitted when customer credit limits are exceeded

Supports Global Requirements

Setup and personalize OrderTaker to the local language, currency, time zone, tax rules and other options to support global implementations

Customer Specific Pricing

Define price lists, discounts and trade promotions per customer imported directly from your ERP or Accounting system or built into our back-office. Allow reps to change prices manually as needed as per the discount rules you setup

Inventory and Credit Validation

Setup inventory and credit validation rules so specific order documents are limited to exceeding product inventory volumes and unable to be submitted when customer credit limits are exceeded


Insightful Data and Analytics

OrderTaker’s analytics dashboard and reports allow real-time action-oriented insights on sales by product, customer and more to allow you to optimize buyer accounts

Seamless Integration with your ERP/Back-office Systems

Fast, secure integration with your back office/ERP system allows buyers to access just-in-time information like product info, promotions, stock availability, order history and more anytime, anywhere

Cloud or On-premise Support

OrderTaker runs on the AWS cloud or for on-premise solutions, allowing your data to be secure and scalable from any configuration, location and requirements

Plan Customer Visits and Route Accounting

OrderTaker allows reps to plan out their day on a map while allowing sales managers to setup daily routes and show reps’ GPS coordinates from where orders were taken and the time spent at each customer to help manage your sales teams more effectively.

increase order size, sell faster, smarter and more effectively.

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