Proof Of Delivery

Capture proof of delivery for Drivers using the mobile app to verify order items

ProofOf Delivery

  • Capture proof of delivery for Drivers using the mobile app to verify order items, take customer signatures, make edits, provide notes and order remarks, collect and register return transactions and share PDF's of the order

  • Give your customers full visibility on delivery, informing them when the driver will be on his way, his estimated time of arrival and more

  • Use the back-office admin console to plan routes, view and track driver GPS locations on a visual map to analyze delivery time and more

Personalized Proof of DeliveryApp

Personalize Selling and Grow Sales

Customize product catalogs, images, prices, promotions, wish lists and more into the B2B eCommerce experience available anytime, anywhere

Optimize Omni-channel Experiences

Deliver a unified, consistent and centrally managed buyer experience, combining online web store and face-to-face selling

Eliminate Downtime With Native, Offline Apps

Order online or offline with a native Android, iOS or iPad mobile app personalized for buyers


Seamlessly Integrate with your ERP/Back-office Systems

Fast, secure cloud or on-premise Integrations with any ERP or Accounting System

Value Propositions

Route Accounting

Allow sales managers to develop customer routes per field rep to optimize daily route visits per day and maximize sales revenues. Share routes with field reps so they can spend more time selling and less time planning.

Route Maps

OrderTaker app for Wholesale Distributors integrates with Google Maps and iMaps to visually map out customer visits seamlessly to ease the journey from customer to customer.

Monitor Sales Performance

By geo tracking and time stamping sales orders on a map, managers can track when and where orders were taken to ensure customers get the maximum in-person exposure they need to make informed decisions

Setting Sales Targets Per Customer

Sales Managers can assign reps to zones/territories, set targets and monitor performance via a unified sales dashboard and reports to maximize sales.

Develop Customer Relationships

The OrderTaker app for Wholesale Distributors allows sales reps to access a history of all orders available via intuitive filters to help make informed selling decisions. This also includes credit history, accounts receivables, contact information, shipping and billing details and much more to make the most of every store visit.

Manage Customer Concerns

OrderTaker enables documentation of customer issues and concerns so they can be shared with Sales Managers and addressed effectively on the next visit.

360° Customer View

Get up-to-date, detailed customer information, including order history, accounts receivables, items purchased in the past 30/60 days, credit availability and other analytics to allow field reps to increase order size.

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Intuitive User Experience

OrderTaker is easy-to-use, simple and completely intuitive to help Wholesale buyers engage with the platform regularly and maximize your sales


Insightful Data and Analytics

OrderTaker’s analytics dashboard and reports allow real-time action-oriented insights on sales by product, customer and more to allow you to optimize buyer accounts

Seamless Integration with your ERP/Back-office Systems

Fast, secure integration with your back office/ERP system allows buyers to access just-in-time information like product info, promotions, stock availability, order history and more anytime, anywhere

Online/Offline Mode

Stop worrying about connectivity issues as OrderTaker’s native mobile CRM for Wholesalers app works even when offline with all the same features, allowing synchronization with your CRM/ERP once connectivity returns.

Cloud or On-premise Support

OrderTaker runs on the AWS cloud or for on-premise solutions, allowing your data to be secure and scalable from any configuration, location and requirements

Allow reps to access a 360° view of any customer at their fingertips

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