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Mobile CRM App: What Are the Benefits of Mobile CRM?

Using CRMs can boost sales by up to 29%. While there are many desktop CRMs available, mobile CRM apps are becoming increasingly popular. 

A powerful mobile CRM is a faster and more intuitive type of CRM software that can run on any connected device. Using a mobile CRM on smartphones, tablets, and other devices can be well worth it and can improve your customer relationships, boost sales, and more.

In this guide, we’ll tell you more about the top benefits of using a mobile CRM app.

What Is Mobile CRM Software?

A mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform is software that works to store customer information in a centralized location.

Using a mobile CRM allows businesses to easily keep track of customers and the relationships that have been built with them. Keeping track of the relationship and previous communications with a customer can allow sales professionals and businesses to better serve the needs of customers. It can also improve the chances of increasing sales as well.

While traditional CRMs are made to be used on desktop computers, mobile CRMs add more flexibility to a CRM system and allow businesses to access customer information from anywhere. This can be very useful for certain businesses and can make managing and improving customer relationships easier than ever before. 

Features of a Mobile CRM

There are many things that a well-built mobile CRM can do for a business. Here are some of the key features that you can expect to find in a mobile CRM. 

Track Customer Data

One of the primary functions that a mobile CRM will serve is tracking and viewing customer information. You can enter and review customer information in real time from anywhere with a mobile CRM. Information that can be recorded includes buyer contact details, purchase histories, and much more.

This increased tracking of customer information can help to inform the way you do business. It can help you make better decisions when it comes to keeping in touch with a customer as time goes by. 


Another useful feature that a mobile CRM will offer is the ability to customize the app to suit your needs. 

You can customize the platform and the information that you gather using the CRM and can set goals that are right for your business. When it comes to improving a B2B e-commerce experience, you should be able to customize product catalogs and add images, prices, and promotions as you wish.

This increased amount of customizability and personalization is important for a mobile CRM and can be very helpful for your organization. 

Manage Projects and Tasks

A great CRM also has features that can be used to manage projects and tasks. It can help your team stay on top of any important actions that need to be taken when managing customer relationships.

A CRM can help to alert you when new opportunities arise and can help remind you to follow up and track leads regularly. A CRM will help your business stay organized and will keep all of your team members productive. You’ll get reminders to take action and move customer relationships forward on a regular basis.

This extra organization of tasks and duties can be very helpful. It can allow all of your team members to stay on task and manage relationships well.

Offline Functionality

Another thing that you should look for in a mobile CRM is offline functionality.

One of the great things about CRMs is that they’re connected to the cloud and can synchronize with an ERP and share data with other sales team members. However, you should ensure that you can still use the app when you don’t have connectivity as well.

This will help you get the most out of the mobile CRM and will help ensure that you’re still able to use it if you have a connection issue.

Integration Capabilities

Another feature that you should look for in a mobile CRM is great integration capabilities.

A reliable mobile CRM will be able to integrate seamlessly with ERP or accounting system solutions and will work well with any software that you’re currently using in your business. It should work in the cloud and should offer great connectivity to on-premise software that’s automatic and easy.

Be sure to consider the integration features that a mobile CRM has when choosing one to use.

Data Analytics

Another thing that you can expect from mobile CRM Solutions is extensive data and analytics features.

A key part of using a mobile CRM is being able to track customer relationships and sales while gathering data that can help to inform business decisions. A great mobile CRM will have a strong analytics dashboard that will give you reports and real-time action-oriented insights. 

You should be able to customize your reports and get a lot of different information based on product sales, customer behavior, and more.

Benefits of Using a Mobile CRM

So what are the benefits of using a mobile CRM? Here’s what you should know about.

Increase Sales

When using a mobile CRM, you’ll be able to increase your sales and boost business growth considerably. Because your sales representatives will have access to a customer’s account history, product information, and more, they’ll have the tools at their disposal to sell more effectively.

By having important information with them, they won’t need to rely on memory alone or prepare a lot of notes ahead of time. This can help a lot with increasing sales. It will minimize the inefficiency that comes with sifting through notes and looking for information.

Collect and Access Data in Real Time

Not only does a CRM allow sales representatives to look at customer data in real time, but they can input data in real time as well.

Because sales representatives will have a mobile CRM with them at all times, they can enter information as soon as they get it from a customer. They won’t have to wait until they can return to the office or need to read their notes later on.

Sales professionals can input data immediately, and it can be instantly shared with all other team members who have access to the CRM. This can be very helpful for improving data quality and ensuring the accuracy of information.

Raise Productivity

A mobile CRM helps to improve efficiency and productivity in your organization as well. This is because a mobile CRM can help you to do many things all in one centralized place.

Having a lot of features and functionality available for managing sales and customer relationships can be incredibly helpful and can allow you to get more done in less time. Your team will be able to enter and review data, follow up with customers, manage tasks, and collaborate with other team members easily and efficiently.

These features can go a long way in improving the overall efficiency of your business.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A major benefit of using a mobile CRM is that it helps you to improve your customer relationships and make your customers happier.

When you use a CRM, it’s not only good for your business, but it’s good for your customers as well. Your customers will get better service and attention, and it will be easier to communicate with them.

Your sales representatives will always know the history of customer relationships and can refer back to important data when helping them with their needs. Your sales team and customer service team can work together in tandem to provide great service to your customers when responding to questions and communicating with them.

The improvement in customer service that comes as a result of using a mobile CRM can make a big impact. It can help your customers be happier and become more loyal to your business.

Work From Multiple Devices

One of the benefits of using a mobile CRM system when compared to a typical CRM is that your sales team can make use of all types of devices. The system can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet device as well as from a desktop or a laptop computer.

A mobile CRM will function well on all of these devices and will adjust to different screen sizes as well. This makes transitioning from the office to the field very easy. Your team won’t miss a beat as they switch devices and access information from any of them.

Collaborate Effectively

Another benefit of using a mobile CRM is that it can help to improve collaboration and can help you and everyone involved get on the same page.

A mobile CRM allows you to share data easily and view it in real-time. It will be much easier to work with others while reviewing information, making sales, and managing customer relationships.

Because a CRM can be used from anywhere and on any device, it will allow your team to always communicate well. Everyone will have the same information at their fingertips.

Challenges of Using Mobile CRMs

While there are many benefits and advantages of using a mobile CRM, there are some challenges that using one can lead to as well. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Difficult to Multitask

Depending on what you’re trying to do with a mobile CRM, you may find that it’s tricky to accomplish some tasks when compared to using a CRM on a desktop computer. Trying to do complex things and handling a lot of tasks all at once can be harder when using a mobile device.

If you have complex workflows to set up and you need to have many types of software open at the same time, then it may be better to use a desktop CRM instead.

Reduced Email Tools

While desktop CRMs are great for integrating with email-based communication, mobile CRMs tend to work best with messaging apps and phone calls.

There are certain email features that are not as expensive on a mobile CRM compared to a desktop CRM. If much of your communication is over email rather than on messaging or phone calls, then a desktop CRM might be worth using instead.

Screens Are Smaller

One of the challenges of using mobile CRMs is that the screens on mobile devices are smaller than on laptop and desktop computers. 

This can make things more difficult to do on a mobile CRM because you won’t be able to view as much information at once. There could also be more strain on your eyes when compared to looking at data on a computer monitor instead.

With small screens, it can also be difficult to view multiple apps or software at once or open multiple tabs like on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Which Businesses Should Use Mobile CRMs?

There are many types of businesses and sales professionals that should consider using a mobile CRM.

A mobile CRM is ideal for businesses that need great connectivity and flexibility and want to access customer information from anywhere. Business professionals won’t need to be in the office at all times to access important customer data but can view it as needed, no matter where they are.

Any sales professionals who use their phones to interact with customers can benefit from using a CRM. They’ll be able to get a lot done without needing to be close to a desktop computer. 

Making the Decision to Use a Mobile CRM App

If you want to improve your relationships with customers, boost the efficiency of your organization, and increase flexibility and mobility, then you may want to start using a mobile CRM app. A mobile CRM app can make it much easier for your business to improve customer relationships and get more sales.

Want to learn more about our mobile CRM app? Contact us today to learn more about what our mobile CRM can do for you.

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