QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration with OrderTaker

Integrate QuickBooks Online and Desktop with OrderTaker to help your field reps sell smarter, faster and more effectively and allow your customers to place self-service orders to you through B2B eCommerce

Complete, Easier, Faster, More Efficient Integration of OrderTaker with QuickBooksthan ever before.

As a certified QuickBooks partner, OrderTaker’s QuickBooks Online and Desktop sales app is your best option for integrating effectively and securely with QuickBooks Online and Desktop to allow for mobile order taking, trade promotions, B2B eCommerce, route accounting, direct store delivery and order management in an all-in-one solution for Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.

Using a seamless integration process, OrderTaker’s QuickBooks Online and Desktop sales mobile app offers an advanced integration using the OrderTaker-QuickBooks plugin that enables real-time data sharing of customers, products, pricing, inventory, promotions and all order documents including quotes, orders, invoices, delivery documents, returns, credit memos and much more.

OrderTaker is available on the QuickBooks marketplace app store.

Solution Benefits

Value Propositions

  • Reduced back-office manual administrative costs of order entry and errors

  • Increased sales rep cross-sell and upsell opportunities and revenue

  • Customer convenience of sending self-service orders through B2B eCommerce

  • Increased sales rep cross-sell and upsell opportunities and revenue


  • Comprehensive sales automation solution for mobile ordering, route accounting DSD, trade promotions, mobile customer relationship management, B2B eCommerce and more

  • 100% continuity with proven QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration plugins to OrderTaker for reliable bi-directional flow

  • Native Android and IOS apps with tablet and iPad accessibility, operating both online and offline

  • Fast implementation, integration with all your workflow endpoints and reliable hands-on training to help you every step of the way

Benefits of QuickBooks Integration with OrderTaker

  • Just-in-time data feeds from QuickBooks to OrderTaker allow real-time data availability of eCatalog items, product details, inventory, price levels, promotions, order/invoice/credit-memo transactions and more

  • Easy setup of webhooks and jobs to easily synchronize, import and export customers, items, transactions and more whenever you want it and at any frequency fit for your business

  • Continuous monitoring of synch jobs directly from OrderTaker’s centralized web-based Admin Console to ensure continuity of data flow and historic record keeping of outcomes

Result: Sales reps sell more, faster, more efficiently with real-time data availability on the field anytime, anywhere

QuickBooks Integration Systems Architecture

1.  Export data from 3rd Party Accounting/ERP System to OrderTaker metadata, including Accounts, Items, Inventory, Price Levels, Transactions (Invoices/Orders/Quotes/Estimates/Credit Memos)
2.  Send data from OrderTaker metadata to OrderTaker Cloud DB to be viewed in Admin Console
3.  Synch data to OrderTaker mobile app
4.  Submit Accounts and Transactions created to OrderTaker cloud (Invoices/Orders/Quotes/Estimates/Credit Memos)
5.  Pull Accounts and Transactions created from OrderTaker Cloud to OrderTaker metadata
6.  Import Accounts and Transactions data to 3rd Party Accounting/ERP System

Mobile Order Taking

Equip your field reps with an easy-to-use mobile app to increase order size, sell faster, smarter and more effectively.

Integrated with QuickBooks

Allow your field reps the ability to increase order size while selling smarter, faster and more effectively anytime, anywhere with OrderTaker’s QuickBooks integrated sales mobile app

Digital Catalogs

View high-definition digital catalogs with multi-media images, videos and product details

Mobile CRM

Access a 360-degree view of every account, credit information and more in real-time

Real-time Availability

Get up-to-the-minute access to trade promotions, field rep and customer dashboards and more to help reach targets and increase day-to-day performance

Route Accounting DSD

Drive Van Sales and Maximize Opportunities.


Allow your van sales reps the ability to increase order size while selling smarter, faster and more effectively anytime, anywhere, including offline


Automate van sales rep processes including tracking real-time inventory, stock replenishment, creating returns, sharing invoices, collecting payments, confirming proof of delivery and more


Access a 360-degree view of every account, credit information and more in real-time to allow van sales reps to make optimal decisions on the van sales

Real-time Tracking

Manage van sales reps more efficiently with geo-tracked and time-stamped views of where and when orders were taken 

Mobile CRM

Allow reps to access a 360° view of any customer at their fingertips.


360° view of assigned customers, anytime, anywhere


View past and present order documents from assigned customers to maximize interactions


Access sales intelligence data on accounts, credit information, contacts, locations and more in real-time to help reps make informed buying decisions


Mobile CRM accessible via a native Android, iOS or iPad app, accessible offline


Sales with customized promotions to fit any campaign.

Trade Promotions

Configure trade promotions across all channels through one highly configurable interface


Personalize promotions for cross-sell and upsell through a range of available business rules

Flexible Options

Offer bundled package promotions via the mobile app or B2B eCommerce portal uniformly


Eliminate expiring inventory and promote stagnant products through a range of customer appealing real-time promotions


Allow your customers to buy from you anytime, anywhere.


Allow Retail, Convenience store and Hospitality buyers to order from your self-service, branded B2B eCommerce portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere


Provide a customized buyer experience with the ability to browse your extended catalog, customer pricing, trade promotions, stock availability, order history and more

Advanced Analytics

Manage an analytics dashboard of insights from both online and field-rep channels to allow you to maximize buyer behaviors, promotions and more


Combine the omnichannel of both online and field-rep channels into a single platform for more efficient management and unified buyer experience

Integrating OrderTaker to our QuickBooks system was fast, simple and highly rewarding for us, allowing our reps to sell 20% more than they used to while giving them access to valuable data points that they previously didn’t have on the field to reduce our back-office administration costs significantly.

-Inder Dosanjh, Head of Sales, Five Rivers Foods Inc.

Sell with Swagger using OrderTaker's Advanced B2B Mobile Ordering App and B2B eCommerce Web Store connected with QuickBooks Online and Desktop Allowing you to Access your Data Quickly and Efficiently

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