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Safety and Software: Benefits of Offering Customers a Proof of Deliver

Consumers bought over $870 billion in goods online sales last year. Yet, as American businesses continue to grow at 14.2 %, the challenge of meeting customer demands increases. One of the most significant tasks companies have is providing reliable last-mile delivery.

E-commerce moves at blistering speed thanks to new innovations. Technology has afforded retailers and logistics companies better ways of delivery tracking. Communication and transparency are vital components of the customer experience today. 

One of the best integrations available to keep everyone informed is proof of delivery software. Keep reading to find out how a proof of delivery app can help your operation run smoother.

Defining Last-Mile Delivery

Of all the elements in the supply chain, safe and timely delivery of goods to the consumer’s door is the most challenging. Many variables can cause delays in these deliveries. Yet, last-mile is the one aspect of logistics where the customer gets involved. 

It is no longer enough for consumers to be able to buy items and get an estimated delivery time. Today’s commerce environment must keep the customer in the loop at all stages of the purchase.

Retailers providing last-mile tracking have an advantage in retaining customer satisfaction. With tracking apps, consumers can follow their product from the warehouse to their door through online interaction. The demands on service providers have increased as a result.

The final stage of the last-mile tracking system is proof of delivery. When the product reaches the customer’s door, proof of delivery software captures customer signatures electronically. For several reasons, the proof of delivery app has become a necessary element of business systems.

How Does Proof of Delivery Work

A proof of delivery app helps businesses know transactions are complete, working in unison with delivery tracking software. The software goes beyond providing GPS locations of items to getting reliable data that the package was safely delivered. 

Capturing customer signatures through the app protects the business in case of disputed delivery. And since the data gets captured electronically, reduced paperwork saves on office clutter.

Using a proof of delivery with GPS locations for destinations also improves the successful delivery rate. Data can get captured in many forms, including customer signatures and photo identification. 

The proof of delivery app also matches package information with its destination. Some companies use barcode scans to identify packages. Drivers or admin staff can insert notes to verify the delivery arrived at the correct location. 

Proof of Delivery Benefits 

Information is the critical reason customers want delivery tracking when they buy products. Not only is there a more significant opportunity to capture accurate data. The software tracks GPS locations in real-time, allowing your business to keep the customer informed.

If delays occur, the office knows the causes and expected delivery time. From a consumer perspective, proof of delivery and its other applications provide a better feeling of control. When customers know the delivery time, their minds are more at ease.

The proof of delivery app also provides safe interactions between drivers and customers. Photo proof of delivery allows for contactless transactions. 

Other commands on the device willow safe delivery without the presence of the receiver. As a result, driver efficiency increases by reducing the need to retry at a different time. Reduced delivery attempts get past on to the customer in cost savings. 

Customers will enjoy increased visibility while having less need for personal interaction. Delivery tracking is in the hands of consumers as well as office staff. The reduced communication between parties also drives productivity in different areas. 

Marketing Aspects of Delivery Tracking

Proof of delivery is a significant selling point for many delivery companies. Sales staff can promote reliable delivery time status, GPS locations, and customer signatures to businesses that ship to clients. 

You can promote proof of delivery to retailers as a marketing tool. Selling services are more accessible when businesses know the immediacy of the proof of delivery app. Having real-time contact with customers is an enormous advantage for gaining brand loyalty. 

Business owners will enjoy a reduction in telephone inquiries due to the accuracy of delivery tracking. Yet, there are many ways to receive analytics reports on efficiency with proof of delivery software. 

Delivery tracking has a user-friendly interface, allowing business customers to plan delivery routes for greater efficiency. End users get a seamless connection to their purchases through a web portal.

Benefits Of Delivery Management

Creating efficiencies and reducing costs are crucial for businesses in every sector. With a delivery tracking system working in real-time, troubleshooting operational issues happen faster. The speed of the application can also save time by reporting imminent problems.

A proof of delivery app that integrates with other logistics software can prevent errors and locate lost packages. The improved efficiency will also help plan better routing. Data collected over time can be helpful in reorganizing a fleet. 

A smaller paper trail and faster communication reduce the cost of doing business in several departments. Better use of driver fleets will save on fuel costs. Less paperwork will save on admin labor costs. 

Last, reduced business costs can provide your company with a competitive edge. A proof of delivery app that improves your delivery time produces savings that can get passed on to the consumer. An informed customer that saves money is a sure way to build brand loyalty.

Get Up To Speed With E-commerce

Consumers expect better service today through technology. They want the last-mile delivery and access to the retailer when they have concerns. Businesses need technology to keep pace with the speed of commerce. 

All these concerns get answered with software designed with proof of delivery. If you are looking for delivery tracking to take your business to the next level, contact us today for a quote. We’re here to help you move your business forward faster.

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