ecommerce mobile app

What Are the Benefits of Having an Ecommerce Mobile App?

ecommerce mobile app

Believe it or not, 79% of smartphone owners have purchased using their mobile devices. If you’re not optimizing the mobile experience for your customers, you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

When running a B2B eCommerce business, a mobile app can be handy for both you and your customers. An eCommerce app will allow customers to see product details and quickly and efficiently place orders easily. 

This eCommerce mobile app guide lists some of the top benefits of launching a mobile app for your business. So read on and find out what they are!

An App Is a Great Alternative to a Mobile Website

One of the top reasons for having an eCommerce mobile app is that many shoppers will prefer to use it over a mobile version of your website.

Especially if a customer shops at your store often, it can be easier for them to download and use a mobile app rather than accessing your website in a mobile web browser. The user experience typically won’t be as friendly in a mobile web browser, and it can also be more difficult for someone to remember the URL and log in.

By allowing customers to download a mobile app, they can easily click on the app icon and immediately be at your storefront. This will be more convenient for them and eliminate some barriers to them shopping from you.

Conversion Rates Will Be Higher

Another significant advantage of allowing shoppers to use a mobile app is that conversion rates are typically higher.

A customer using your mobile app is more likely to follow through and make a purchase than a customer who simply accesses your website instead. They will likely view more items overall and will also be more likely to purchase a product.

For these reasons, adding a mobile app to your eCommerce business can help you get more sales overall.

You Can Expect Higher Average Order Values

In addition to offering increased conversions, the average order value tends to be much higher on mobile eCommerce apps. Customers will have an easier time shopping with you due to the addition of push notifications and quicker checkout. Because of this, customers tend to spend more when ordering from a store using an app than a website.

Making the most out of every sale and increasing order values as much as possible is essential for building a thriving eCommerce business. By launching an easy-to-use eCommerce app, you’ll be able to increase the value of each customer and each order.

You’ll Build More Customer Loyalty

A customer who installs your app on their mobile device will probably already be reasonably familiar with your business. They’ll already have some loyalty to your brand. However, a mobile app will help you to build on the loyalty a customer already has to your business.

When a customer has your app installed on their phone, you’ll be at the top of their mind, and they’ll continue to see your app icon often. This alone can do a great job of increasing a customer’s interest and familiarity with your brand.

On top of this, having a mobile app will give you opportunities that a website doesn’t. You can use an app to run a loyalty program, offer special discounts, and personalize a customer’s experience to a greater extent than you can with a website. This can have a significant impact on your business and can help to increase customer loyalty.

You Can Provide a Better User Experience

Another benefit of launching an eCommerce mobile app is that you’ll be able to offer an improved user experience.

With so many different web browsers, it can be tough to know exactly what your website looks like to each visitor. On the other hand, you’ll have a lot more control over the design of your mobile app. You’ll know what the interface looks like to someone using it.

Mobile apps have fewer distractions and are more minimalistic and simplistic in design and navigation. This makes it easier to direct your customers where you want them to go and to get more sales.

Fewer Shopping Carts Will Be Abandoned

Another great thing about having an eCommerce app is that there will be fewer abandoned shopping carts. Abandoned carts are a serious problem with eCommerce. Many customers add items to their carts without following through and making a purchase.

While there are several ways to combat this issue, one of the ways is to use an eCommerce app. An eCommerce app allows for streamlined purchasing. Because the app will be on a customer’s phone and easy to access, carts will be abandoned with less frequency.

You Can Personalize the Shopping Experience

One of the top eCommerce mobile app benefits is that you can offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

Some customer personalization is possible with an eCommerce website. However, having an app makes personalizing a customer’s experience easier and can expand your options.

With an app, you’ll be able to track a customer’s browsing and purchase history and make recommendations based on their behavior. You can also use push notifications to easily recommend products to a customer without requiring a visit to your website.

There are other ways that you can personalize the customer experience with an app as well. By doing so, a customer will have a better experience with your shop since they’ll be able to find what they’re interested in more easily. At the same time, you’ll also benefit from increased sales. 

Understanding the Benefits of Launching an Ecommerce Mobile App

If you want to grow your business more quickly, you should consider launching an eCommerce mobile app. By establishing a mobile app, you can get more sales, build customer loyalty, and provide a better experience for your customers. 

Are you looking for an eCommerce mobile app developer? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you launch a mobile app.

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