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What’s the Best Handshake Mobile Ordering Alternative?

With the increased use of technology, business options have grown. There are more options for larger businesses to buy goods. This includes selling bulk items and shipping and fulfilling wholesale orders.

Keep these questions in mind when thinking about what your business needs. Do you need to make your ordering system more convenient for customers? Do you need a system that can handle bigger orders and work with your existing sales options? 

There have been popular mobile ordering options available before. Which one should you choose now? A Handshake mobile ordering alternative is needed across large-scale buyers. 

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Handshake Mobile Ordering Alternative

Handshake was a business-to-business (B2B) mobile ordering application. It had quick customer support, many wholesale options, and it was easy to use.

With these steps forward in technology, mobile apps make wholesale purchases easier for businesses. As a wholesale supplier, Handshake made the same shift.

It asks the question, why can’t a business have the same options as everyday retail shoppers? 

Handshake pairs sales automation with tailored service. This made waves in the industry of mobile wholesale ordering. It was a different way to provide this service to other businesses.

What Were Handshake’s Benefits?

The wholesale mobile ordering app is known for being easy and convenient. With direct mobile access, business owners could browse available products. It was like regular online shopping. 

Businesses were fans of the order taker app because it was new to wholesale business. This was previously only available to retail stores. Customers used their websites or other online add-ons to buy items. 

Business to Business (B2B) Customers

Mobile ordering apps give us a new experience for bulk products. The convenience and ease that comes with using a mobile app results in repeat customers. 

Connecting by phone, email, or fax can be difficult. These apps go one step further with better technology. Now businesses can buy wholesale from other businesses as easily as shopping retail. 

Skip the stress of chasing your contact around to make a large sale and get on your mobile device. Businesses prefer to use mobile applications.

The quick tool makes business-to-business transactions easier. The use of mobile ordering apps is simple. A one-stop shop for wholesale purchases and a great Handshake alternative. 

The data you receive from using these online systems provides flexibility to businesses. Customer data provides better service, predicts trends, and follows different customer patterns. 

There are benefits to customer management. Looking for a Handshake sales automation alternative a crucial market need. It’s important to keep wholesale purchasers happy like an everyday customer. 

Business to Business Relationships Matter

Businesses seek out easier alternatives all the time. They prefer tools that will expand their business and make their lives easier. Useful and advanced tools make customers want to come back.

The everyday online shopper has experienced this easy service for years. Now businesses supplying those products can take advantage too.

Tools that provide customer information allow a business to track possible client issues. This gives a business the chance to use that information and find solutions. 

Give your customers a sense of security and guaranteed satisfaction. Build relationships and continue communication past the point of sales. These connections with vendors build your reputation.

Marketing post-sale is also important. A sales automation app might stop the relationship after a sale is made. But, you can continue to check in with customers. Follow up with a survey, or ask for product reviews. 

Get to know your customers by understanding how they shop. Use this knowledge to target what needs to be enhanced, if anything. Keep the lines of communication open to keep yourself relevant. 

The Best Mobile Ordering App for Convenience: OrdrTakr

How do you choose the best mobile app alternative for your company and its needs? Well, there are a few factors to keep in mind. 

OrdrTakr is a top-rated Handshake alternative. It’s designed for wholesalers, manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods companies. 

This application combines direct customer support with quick turnaround times. It also works for customers with its quick and easy sales transactions. It works to simplify the entire process for both sides of the business. 

It has different levels of service to choose from depending on your company’s needs. The app can even integrate with other services. Anything from online payment options, customer relationship management services, and more are included.

Another great addition to OrdrTakr is the option to pull analytics and reports. For example, seeing sales behaviors for a duration of time. 

This mobile ordering application also includes direct store delivery (DSD) details. This refers to the online purchase, order confirmation, and delivery. The customer gets detailed delivery, order, and shipping information.

There are customizable features included in OrdrTakr. This includes app integration, customer details, and security features. You can add promotions, deals, up-to-date route tracking, and direct communication. 

The Future of Direct Store Delivery Sales

A Handshake mobile ordering alternative is available for your wholesale business. There are many advantages of using these alternatives for all your customer needs.

Continue providing the greatest in sales automation. This is done through customer relationship management and maintaining business relationships. 

Think about adding advanced options for wholesale purchases. Make it an intuitive and easy process for customers. Customize the platform to your business needs to get the most out of it. 

With OrdrTkr you will have endless options to boost your direct store delivery sales. Discover what your needs are by chatting with a representative.

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